we are feeling to telling you about the new feature of paytm . i hop you all knows about paytm app. it’s so popular app in india . this is a virtual wallet. specially it gone boom after demonetisation . before demonetisation only some people knows about paytm app and very low number of use paytm.

but after demonetisation paytm spread in public and now millions of people are using it. paytm also launches something new for their customers like they have recently launched their Paytm Payment bank . that’s the virtual bank . nowadays to open a bank account you have to wait for upto 3 week but after paytm payment bank comes you can open your saving account just in few minutes.

and many of people are using paytm payment bank and features be of paytm. after that paytm has launched paytm mall too . that could be helpful for shopping lovers and now paytm has launched their Paytm first features. this paytm first feature has just launched in march month of 2019.

if you don’t know what is the benefit of this . then we are here to help you.

What’s the Paytm First ?

paytm first is the new feature of paytm where you will get some extra cashback than others . you will get some exclusive offers before others normal people. as you heard about Amazon prime or hotstar prime and jio prime and others too.

paytm’s Paytm first feature is same like that. but it’s cheaper than them . you have to pay low cost than them . first this option is not available on paytm but in the march month of 2019. you can see this Paytm first option in the home dashboard of paytm or in left side menu. if you’re unable to see it then you need to update your paytm app.

Paytm first feature isn’t free you have to do yearly subscription. the yearly charge of paytm first feature is 750 rupee . which is cheaper than others.

after successfully subscription of this paytm first plan and when you add money on paytm wallet then you will receive 360 rupee cashback + 1200 rupees worth movie ticket. you will receive some others feature too.

What are the benefits of paytm first ?

it’s new and some cool feature of paytm app. it’s giving very good features that’s are –

(1) you will get cashback of 360 rupee + 1200 rupees worth free movie ticket after adding money in your wallet.

(2) you will receive some extra cashback than others .
(3) you will receive some exclusive offers first than others member.
(4) You will get subscription of Eros now, sony live , uber , gaana, viu , wynnik music and zoomto and some more.

you just have to do yearly subscription of 750 rupees . this is only for limited peoples.



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