What is Dream11 and how to win a match ? complete information

Dream11 is a india’s most popular app. this app is specifically promoted by famous indian cricketer MS dhoni . in Dream11 people are earning millions of rupees. in this app you have to choose a virtual team , who will play in real life.

In this app you need to use your brain to win match . you knows there are many sports organize daily . this app is specifically sport based app . you to invest your money in any of the team . there are many prices for different levels . you can check it before match starting or before joining any game .

i like cricket so i play cricket on this app. i mean you don’t have play any game on this app you have to choose a virtual team . who will play in real life. like many cricket matches happens daily basis. you can win lot of rupees by just joining on competition. if you join multiple competitions then you will win a lot of rupees , which you can’t expect.

What is Dream11 app.

Dream11 is fantasy game where you can earn millions of rupees . you just have to create your own a virtual team from real life player and you have to bet your money from your team . minimum bet is 10 rupee. in 10 rupee of bet if you get 1st rank then you will win 1 lac rupee . if you don’t get then don’t be affaired . upto 60,000 people can win prices.
from two team like india vs Australia cricket team , you have to choose top best 11 player from both team.

if your players performs best them you can win biggest price. this is real and legal and it gives real money direct to Your bank account.

How to create team on Dream11 app.

i am giving example of cricket because in mostly people like cricket . think if between india and Australia match is organized then you have to choose most popular player which you think who will perform best on today’s match.

remember one thing that match is real not virtual game. like from India vs Australia match i would choose – Virat kohli , Rohit Sharma , Dhoni, Khuwaja, Maxwell , Handscomb, Juspreet bumrah, chahal, Cummins, collter N, shami

you have to choose a wicketkeeper( you can choose only one wicketkeeper) after that you have to choose 5 batsman and other 5 from all-rounder and from bollers .

one thing is notable you only have limited credits so choose player carefully. after that you have to choose a captain and a voice captain. take Captain and voice captain carefully. because these are most important of your team. your captain will receive 2x point than others and you voice captain will receive 1.5x point. after finishing these steps you will be successful join on match.

How to play match on Dream11

Step 1 – download Dream11 app from official website. this is not available on play store.

you can download it from here – click here to download dream11 app.

Step 2 – now install and open this app and click on have a promo code option

step 3 – Now sign up option will be flash . now in first option it will ask to enter promo code here enter this – VISHW28360MN.
if you use this promo code then you will receive free 100 rupees promo code which you can use on participating any match. if you don’t use this promo code then you won’t receive any bonus.

if you already installed and signed up then in profile section you can see referral code option there enter this code.

step 4- now enter email , mobile number and choose a password. and click on sign up. now you have successfully joined Dream11 app.

step 5 – now click any match you like to join then now choose any competition and after that create team and join that match.

you can add money from paytm wallet or other online wallets or you can add from you debit card.

now wait for end of match. if your team performs best then you will receive a good amount.

How to receive Dream11 winning amounts

Dream11 will get you money directly in your bank account. You will have to give your PAN card number and bank account number for this. When your bank and PAN will be verified the money will get you in your bank account. Verification process is important. sometimes the money goes to the other account due to the wrong account number, so verification is important for the security reasons. for verification process you have to upload the photo of your PAN card and bank passbook.

If you want to know how to add bank account in Dream11, then read this post. 👉 How to add bank account in dream11

How to win a match

to win a match take a look about palyers performance. choose that player who are performing best because they are on form and they will do good performance to. don’t choose that player who’s performance isn’t good.

use your brain to play any match. choose that player, you think who will perform best .

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