Top 20 TikTok (Musically) Stars In India [2019]

Hey buddy! Are you looking for Top 20 TikTok (Musically) Stars in India? TikTok is booming in the world and more and more people are joining this platform.

There are some tiktok video creators who are doing such a great job and people are liking their content and they are following them. According to the volume of followers, we made a list of popular TikTok stars in India. TikTok is not only limited in India, but it’s also available in other countries too.

In this list, we just mentioned only Indian creators. There are many more talented creators are making videos worldwide.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Before its name was musically and now it’s changed to TikTok This app is growing very fast even it has left many popular apps behind. Basically, tiktok is a short video creating platform, where people can make a short video by using any popular music or audio also you can create your own video too.

In tiktok, you can make 15 second’s short video. Before, when this app launched its name was musically but after some time its name has been changed to TikTok. If you think that Musically and TikTok apps are different then you’re wrong. These are the same app, just name is changed.

In this platform, most people are younger. Their age is between 12 years to 25 years even old peoples make videos too. According to the one survey, 75% of tiktok users are girls and In India more than other countries people use tiktok. Means TikTok is more popular in India than in other countries.

TikTok is the best way to be a famous celebrity in one day. Many people’s video got viral and they become a celebrity. Who doesn’t know about “Bahut Hard Girls’ in India? The trend all across India. This is a good platform to become a star very quickly. According to some reports, TikTok will grab a good position on the social media platform.

You can make a video by lip-syncing in any popular song or dialogue, can make dance videos and also you can express your other talent too. The difference between YouTube and TikTok is that you don’t get any copyright strike on tiktok but on tiktok, you can upload only short videos.

One time came a bad time for tiktok because it was banned in India because of some creators who create adult contents so the Supreme Court banned TikTok in India. Losing a huge number of users is not good for any company but after some time it got un-banned.

Top 20 TikTok (Musically) Stars In India

Here is the list of top 20 tiktok stars according to their follower’s count. Also, we can call tiktok users to tiktokers.

1. Riyaz – 22.M Followers

Riyaz aly

Likes – 886.1M age – 16 year

Riyaz afreen is 16-year-old India’s most popular and number 1 tiktok star. He is an Indian but in the present time he is living in Bhutan. He has 22.9 million followers in tiktok. He is also known as Riyaz Aly. His birth date is 23 October 2003.

Riyaz makes all types of tiktok videos including lip sync.

2. Faisal Shaikh – 22.8 M Followers ( Account banned)

faizu shaikh

Likes – 1.4B Age – 22 year.

Faisan Shaikh aka Mr. Faisu is holding the position of number two tiktok star in India. He is from Mumbai, India. He has a huge number of followers. He makes lip sync and some others type of videos but mainly he makes lip-sync type of video.

He was also the leader of the famous tiktok group, team_07 which was deleted due to some controversy. He has the biggest number of followers on Instagram and also his account is verified by Instagram.

Mr. Faisu makes all types of videos on his page and also he has done a good collaboration with other stars too. His tiktok username is mr_faisu_07 but after some controversy, his account got banned.

3. Jannat Zubair – 19.9 M followers

jannat zubair

Likes – 452.6M age – 18 year

She is an actress and also a tiktok star from India. 18-year-old Jannat Zubair has 19.9 million followers on tiktok. She is from Mumbai, India and the date of birth is 29th August 2001. She makes lip-sync, dance, and other acting videos. She also has a youtube page.

4. Awez Darbar – 18.7 M followers.

Awaz Darbar

Likes – 655M Age -26 year

He is from Mumbai, India. He is a super talented tiktok star and also he is a dancer, choreographer, influencer. He mostly makes dance videos. He has 18.7 million followers in tiktok. Except for this, he also makes lip-sync and other types of tiktok videos.

5. Nisha guragain – 18.6 M followers

Nisha Guragain

Likes – 448.6M age -22 year

The super cute girl, whose video went viral and she became a popular tiktok star in India. She is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She makes all types of videos. 18.6 million followers holder Nisha’s ” mujhe yaad hai aata” video went viral and she got too much fame and became a tiktok star.

6. Arishfa khan – 17.8M followers

Arishfa khan

Likes – 586.6M age -16 year

She is a TikTok, Youtube, Instagram star. She is also an actress and model. She appeared in some popular TV serials like – Uttaran, Fear files, ye hai muhabbatten, etc. 16-year-old Arishfa khan is also a popular tiktok star. She makes many types of videos.

She is from Sahajahanpur, UP. To try her luck in acting she moved to Mumbai and got good success. her date of birth is 3 April 2003. She is really a multi talented cute girl.

7. Avneet Kaur – 16.8 M followers

Avneet kaur

Likes – 360M age – 18 years

She is from Jalandhar, Punjab. She is one of the top popular tiktok stars in India and also an actress. She has almost 17 million followers. She makes lip-sync, dance, and funny videos. Her date of birth is 13 October 2001. She also has a youtube channel.

8. Garima Chaurasia – 16.6M

Gareema chaurasia

Likes – 414.7 M, Age – 22 years.

She is from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. She is so popular in TikTok and also on Instagram and other social platforms too. She is also a fusion influencer and a model. Her birth date is 28 August 1997. She makes dance, lip sync and some other types of videos. Her official video song is available on the tseries youtube channel.

9. Lucky dancer – 13.7M

lucky dancer

likes – 508 M Age – 17 year

Lucky dancer aka Arhan khan is the tiktok star. 17-year-old lucky dancer is from New Delhi. He is very near to touch 14 million followers. He is a dancer, model, and influencer. He makes dance videos on his tiktok account.

10. Manjul khattar – 12.6M followers

manjul khattar

Likes – 261.8M, Age – 22 year

He is from Gurugaon, Haryana. He is the most popular and smart tiktok star. People like his cute smile. His birth date is 20 July 1998. He makes comedy and lip-syncs videos. He has 12.6 million followers in his tiktok account. Also, he is an actor, singer, and influencer.

11. Hasnain khan – 12M followers

hasnain khan

Age – 23 year

He is from Mumbai. The popular tiktok star Hasnain Khan has 12 million + followers in his tiktok account. He is also an actor, model, social media influencer. He makes mostly lip sync video and comedy videos. His Birthdate is on 7 Jun 1996.

He also makes romantic and emotional videos.

12. Sameeksha Sud – 11.8 M followers

Sameeksha sud

Age – 30 year

She is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is one of the famous tiktok stars. She is also an actress and model. She makes a comedy, dance and lip-syncs videos. She is near to 12 million followers in her tiktok account. She is a part of the famous tv serial “Balveer”. She played Pari’s role in ” Balveer serial.

Her date of birth is 25 April 1991.

13. Adnaan Shaikh – 11M followers

adnan shaikh

Age – 22 year

He is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. A famous tiktok star Adnaan Shaikh makes Comedy, lip-sync videos. He has also 3 million + followers in his Instagram account. He was born on 7 August 1997.

14. Nagma Mirajkar – 10.5 M followers

Nagma Mirajkar

Age – 21 years.

She is an actress, model, fashion blogger, YouTuber and tiktok star. She is from Gurgaon, Haryana. She was born on 24 January 1992. She makes dance, comedy and lip-sync videos.

15. Aashika Bhatiya – 10.4M followers

Aashika Bhatiya

Age – 20 year

Aashika is from Surat, Gujarat. She is an Actress, tiktok, Instagram star. She worked on many TV serials and played small roles in Bollywood movies. She is a famous tiktok star, who has 10.4 million followers in tiktok. She was born on 15 December 1999

16. Saloni Singh – 10 M followers

Saloni Singh

Age – 17 year

She is from Kolkata, West Bengal. Se is one of the most popular tiktok stars. She has more than 10 million followers in tiktok. She is also a model and social media personality. She was born on 7 July 2002. On her tiktok account, she makes Comedy, dance and lip-sync videos.

17. Faiz Baloch – 9.8 M followers

Faiz baloch

Age – 22 year

He is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was born on 25 February 1993. He is a famous video creator on tiktok. He makes dance videos on tiktok and his one video went viral and he got good fame. He is also a model, fashion influencer and Instagram and tiktok star.

18. Wish Rathod – 8.1M followers

Wish Rathod

Age – 21 year

She belongs to Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She is a fashion influencer and a model. She was born on 6 July 1998. She makes lip sync videos. She is the most popular tiktok star.

19. Rugees Vini – 7.6 M followers

Rugees Vini

Age – 22 year

She is from Uttarakhand. I think every tiktok users know about her because Garima and Rugees vini’s video went viral. Remember “Bahut hard – Bahut hard” trending girls. She is one of them. She makes videos with her friend Garima. She was born in 1997. She makes dance and lip-sync videos. She is also a model.

20. Vishal Pandey – 6.9 M followers

Vishal Pandey

Age – 21 year

He is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was born on 21 March 1998. He is a popular tiktok star in India. He is also an actor and model. In tiktok, he uploads lip-sync and comedy videos. He is a member of “teen tigada” along with Sameeksha Sud and Bhavin Bhanushali.

Conclusion –

I hope you will like this list of “Top 20 TikTok (Musically) Stars In India”. These stars are doing really good. The number of followers is not a constant number so it changes every second so the positions are coming up to down.

We also try to our list every month because if we select day than the next day we have to change it again so we update the list monthly bases. If you have any suggestions related to this list then please your suggestions.

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