Some useful websites in india – everybody should know them

Internet is the tree of knowledge and today’s life everyone mostly depends on internet . It’s not only about social media but also we use internet for answer of any question or any tutorial (Like – how to cook food).

There are thousands of sites available on internet, today i am going to share with you a useful list of some helpful sites. Which provides such a good knowledgeable things.

These sites are useful for every people, including a student, housewife, any men , children etc.

Why this list ?

Internet is like a ocean where too many things are available. Internet is a daily use thing, some people use it for good thing or some people use it to pass their time.

In this biggest ocean like internet world we don’t know about everything , there are some and bad both are available. We do searches what we need . Some times we don’t find what we are searching because of lack of knowledge about internet.

No one can know everything about internet because its very Larg . If you do a proper research and open a right site then you will get correct result.

So i am sharing a list of some sites which are popular and mostly people trust on them. So people don’t suffer too much for the right result. They could go to the the right site directly this will save their time .

Study related useful websites

[1] Wikipedia – this is the hug website full of knowledge. You will find everything about any topic in explained manner. There isn’t any internet user who don’t know about wikipedia . Its so popular site and it’s have explained information about mostly things. Like – you’re a student and looking about moon then you will find a complete detail about moon, like who searched, what is the gravity in the moon aprox complete detail about moon.

so this is a most popular and good website for detailed information about any thing or topic. This website is available on multiple languages you don’t face any problem to understand this.
Founder of wikipedia – Jimmy Wales,Larry Sanger
Founded on -15 January 2001

[2] Gktoday – this site Not well famous but this site receives millions of visiters every month that mean people are visiting this site and reading it’s posts. This site is most important for students and specially for those who are preparing for competition exam . After reading its name come to know that this site is related to general knowledge and also you will get daily current affairs update.

This site is available on hindi and english language which are mostly speaking language in india. For students this is very good website. In this website also you get previous year question paper of some popular exams of india (like – NEET, IIT, JEE, UPSC ).

Founder of gk today– Not available
Founded on -2009-04-16

[3] Gyanipandit – this site specially biography related site, even you will find more informative post too. In this website you can read biography about any famous person and some knowledgeable things related to beutiful things and history about that places.

This site is in hindi language so only the could read who knows hindi. this is very best informative website.
Founder – Mayur K
Founded on –2014-09-17

[4] Dipawali – this is essay related site and here you will find biography of famous person some information about places and many more entertainment and government policy related posts.

Founder – Pawan Agrawal
Founded on -2013-02-15

[5] GK-Hindi – this is hindi gk site. This is specially for those studend who are preparing for comparative exam . Here you will find all type of general knowledge.

Founder – Krishna
Founded on -2016-03-08

News related sites

[1]Times OF India – most popular indian news website. Here you will find every latest news update from whole india. Approximately all the topics are included in this news website. Here you will get every kind of news.

[2] NDTV – this is a website of a news tv channel. You will get every news update every hour.

[3] Jansatta – jansatta is a newspaper and also have their news site too. So you will get explained news every hour. Mostly people visit their site. This site is for those who are searching for a hindi news website.

[4] Sportzwikki – after reading the name of website come to know that this is related to sports. Everything update related to sport you will find here. This is best site for sport lover.

[5] RVCJ – this is entertainment website and popular on Facebook. In this site you will get latest social trend news and also Bollywood related crunchy news. For their latest updated news you can also their Facebook page. They have their youtube channel to.

[6] The Indian Express – this is fastest news updating website. You can visit this site for get update of every latest news.

Entertainment Sites

[1] – this site an older site then other hindi joke site . You will get very funny jokes here . mobile friendly layout so mobile users love this site. Also you get jokes on trending topics. This website is on hindi language so this only for thoes who knows hindi.

[2] Jokesmasti.comthis is second best hindi jokes site . If you want more jokes then you could visit this site .you can read jokes on many categories.

[3] this to a hindi joke site ,where you can read good stuff of jokes.

[4] Scoopwhoop – this is specially rvcj type site , means you can read here Bollywood and social trend related news posts. This site is available on hindi and english both language so every people from india can read this who knows hindi or english language.

[5] Gazab hindi – this site is mainly based on facts means you can read interesting post about any topic (like – some interesting facts about india) but this site is available on hindi language.

Inspirational sites

[1] Yourstory – this is the one of the best site in india . Such a great site, i personally reads their post because their posts are full of inspiration. Here every day you will get new posts so you never be demotivated . They posts success stories and that type posts which will really motivate you.

[2] Achhikhabar – this is a hindi site . Here you will get motivatinal stories and success story of successful persons and famous persons sucess story.

[3] this is a quote site. You will get every famous quotes of famous person. Also you can write your quote here.

How to/Tutorials topic sites

[1] this is top 1 blog in india . Founder of this blog is Amit Agrawal, who is a full time blogger. Here you will find mostly coding related posts and many other tutorials . Thousands of posts are available on this site and this site receives millions of visitors every month.

Alexa Rank in india – 3508

[2] Shoutmelaud – this is second biggest blog in india, founder by Harsh Agrawal and this site is related to blogging topic . If you are a blogger and want to learn blogging completely then you should visit their site. You can also learn seo and other ranking facts.

Alexa Rank in india -1641

[3] Hindime – this is a hindi site. Here you will find how to related and more informative posts. Founded by Sabina and chandan and also co-founder is Prabhajan. Here you will find many tutorials and some more knowledgeable posts.
Alexa Rank in india -3542

[4] Shoutmehindi – this is another site of Harsh Agrawal. This site is on blogging topic to. If you want to learn bogging in hindi then this would be helpful for you.
Alexa rank in india -10960

[5] Myandroidcity – this site is tutorials and wallpaper related site. Here you will find some helpful tutorials and you can also get your name ringtone from this site.
Alexa Rank in india -8204

[6] Supportmeindia – this is very famous site. Founder of smi is jumme deen khan. Here you can learn blogging and many more things. Main topic of this blog is blogging.
Alexa Rank in india -9151

[7] Hindimehelp – the most famous hindi site to learn blogging. The founder of this blog is Rohit Mewada. Here you can learn blogging. Now you can read here many tutorials in hindi.
Alexa Rank in india -8752

Job update sites


[2] Monster India



[5] Jooble

Shopping sites

[1] Amazon – I don’t think anyone left who don’t know about amazon. This is world’s largest shopping website daily many people are doing online shopping from here. You can’t count it’s user because it’s service is spread in whole world. Mostly people trust on this site. The founder of amazon is one of the reaches person in world.

[2] Flipcart – this one is second most trustable online shopping site . People after amazon mostly trust on flipcart. It’s services are available in all world. I don’t think i have to say more about flipcart because probably every people know about amazon and flipcart.

[3] Snapdeal – this is one of the biggest online shopping site but every people don’t know about this site because people mostly do shopping from amazon and flipcart. That doesn’t mean people don’t buy from Snapdeal. There are many shopping sites available on internet and this is the third largest online shopping site then you can understand its value.

Photos sites

[1] Pixabay – if you want to download copyright free image , i mean free for all type of uses then you could download from pixabay site . Mostly download images of this site are adapted from pixabay site.

[2] Unsplash – from here you can download royalty free images in good quality.

[3] Stock Snap – this is good site for downloading copyright free images. Millions of pics are availabe here.

[4] Pic Jumbo – this site have good collection of copyright free images with good quality.

[5] Flicker CC – for downloading cc images you can visit this site.

Also read thistop websites for copyright free image

Songs sites

[1] Gana – this site have good collection of hindi and panjabi songs. If you’re interested on listening online song this site could be great for you. You can also download their app.

[2] Downloadmp3song – if you want to download any song on your device then you can visit this site for download all kinds of song.

[3] songsmp3 – this is another popular site for good collection of songs.

[4] Savan– this is too popular music site. You had must seen it’s ads on TV. Now this site is with jio and you can enjoy all feature of this site from its android app.

[5] hungama – this many years old site and you must had seen its logo on starting of any Bollywood movie.

[6] djmaza – this is good site for hindi and dj remix song.

Conclusion – i hop you like this list. I haven’t added every topic because if i had added every topics then this post could be very long and people feel board after reading this post.

I have tried to add every most usable topic but if you want to know about any list of sites then comment your site topic below.

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