How To Do Smooth Transitions On TikTok/Musically

Hey buddy! I am back with new tips. In nowadays tiktok transitions videos are so popular and most of the people are trying this. This type of videos looks very cool so people are more attractive to this type of videos. Using this method you can get more tiktok views.

Basically, transitions on tiktok/musically video is a great feature of this platform. In the transition videos, a person can change his clothes, positions, steps even a person could be changed on another person like magic. This is just a feature of the tiktok/Musically and they not gonna change in real life. If you are a tiktok user then must have seen this type of video that a person changes his look without going anywhere in continuasly video.

There are many types of transition which are used by many tiktokers to make a video. These transitions are – Clothing, Head style/hand style, the person (boy to girl or girl to the boy) etc. I hope you know about this feature.

How To Do Smooth Transitions On TikTok/Musically

Here I am going to share some tips that how you can make smooth transitions on tiktok/musically.

  1. Choose a good camera phone for video recording and choose 2x speed to record transition videos.
  2. Record video on high FPS/ Frame Rate that will look more realistic and smooth. Try to shoot on 60 FPS. This FPS is recommended by many tiktok transitions expert. You don’t need to change any setting from your app. This feature is given by app in the app store, in the tiktok app details you can check how many frames rate it supports while recording tiktok videos. For better frame rate you can try the third-party apps. Now tiktok has updated its FPS to 60 so you can make the high frame rate video on tiktok/Musically too.
  3. The practice is the best way to learn to shoot smooth transition videos on tiktok/musically. So continually practice it you will learn it soon.

This is not hard, there are many peoples who teach how to make smooth transitions on tiktok/musically. Only reading/watching tutorials are not going to make you an expert on this. You need some practice on this you can learn it by own. Even if you don’t read/watch any tutorial, by doing practices you can be expert on this. You can try different – different ideas for this.

But to make the transition video you camera quality should be good because you can’t shoot good video on low camera quality. 8MP is minimum good quality to shoot good and smooth transitions on tiktok. Higher quality are more good.

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