How to use xender apk in blackberry Z10 device

How to use xender apk in blackberry Z10 device are you looking for an apk for transfer your files quickly on your BlackBerry 10 device.

All we knows that we need hotspot connection for use xender apk but in BlackBerry 10 device for enabling hotspot we have to enable internet connection.

Internet service is necessary for enabling hotspot. We face joining group problem to, so on this post I have shared all the solutions for this type problem. After reading this post you can easily use xender apk on your BlackBerry 10 device and you can share or receive many files.

Why we need xender apk and why we do don’t use Bluetooth for this?

For sending low sized files like any picture or any small file we just use Bluetooth because these file can be send in less time but for bigger file like any movie or family video or any other bigger file more than 500 mb it takes too much time so for quick sharing we use this type apk.

We can send bigger files in less time like we can send 1GB file in less than 10 minutes. So you can compare which is the best for quick file sharing.

BlackBerry z10 isDownload Xender Apk not an android mobile. This device have self OS version but this device support android jelly bean, so we can install file sharing apk on this device but it’s not work properly we have to follow some steps for use file sharing apps so follow below given steps.

How to use xender apk in blackberry Z10 device

I am personally using blackberry Z10 Device so I have experience about this.

First you need to install the xender apk. Xender apk is a most popular file sharing apk of android. You can download this apk from play store and also download it from below given link.

BlackBerry 10 don’t have play store so you can choose below link to download. First download Xender apk from here –

Download Xender Apk

After downloading Xender apk on you device install it. After installing this apk open this apk and you see some information skip all or do next to all steps. Now you can see the xender home screen .

here have your installed apk files and media (photos – Videos). for transferring files you need an other android mobile. Open Xender apk on an other android mobile.

In the android device click the send option after successfully creating group it’s say waiting for receiver.

then open wifi one your BlackBerry z10 device and find that android device hotspot and connect with that network

and after successfully connection to wifi open xender apk and click on receive button. After a few seconds you see the android device name here click on that name,after this you have successfully joined the group.

all things are done now you can send or receive any file fastest from here. I hope guy’s you have understood that how you can transfer file from a BlackBerry z10 device to an android device.

I hop you like this post and you have understood How to use xender apk in blackberry Z10 device .

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