How to upload or delete whatsapp status on android

How to upload or delete WhatsApp status on android – WhatsApp statues is a great feature of WhatsApp. You can upload your favorite pictures,quotes and videos in WhatsApp publicly, that’s can be seem by every people who have your WhatsApp and they have their WhatsApp account to.

I hop you all knows about it so i don’t tell too much about it.

This post is specially for android user that how they can upload or delete WhatsApp statues. If you’re using WhatsApp then ever before you must have seen statues option on your WhatsApp and you’re thinking to upload your own WhatsApp statues then you’re in right place. In this article i am going to tell you about the full method so let’s start.

How to upload a WhatsApp status on Android.

Step 1 – open WhatsApp on your mobile and click on the status option.

Step 2– after that you will see here two option first is pen icon for text status and second is camera option for posting photo or videos.

Click on any one icon which type of status do you want to upload .

(I) Text status – in this option you can type your text what do you want to publish and in the Bellow left corner you will see see some option. First option is for inserting emoji and second option “T” is for changing font of your text and third one is for changing the background colours.

After successfully typing status click on send button.

(II) for uploading Pictures or videos you just have to choose any photos or video which do you want to upload. After clicking the camera icon, photos and videos choosing option will be automatically start.

After selecting photo or video click on send option and in few seconds your status will be automatically uploaded.

How to delete WhatsApp status on Android.

Many times we upload wrong status by mistakenly and we want to delete that status. If you are one of them who want to delete WhatsApp status then follow bellow options.

Step 1- click on status option.

Step 2- here you see three dot option on your status. Click on that.

Step 3 – here just press any WhatsApp status for 3 second which you want to delete. After that on upper side delete option will be shown. Click on delete option and your status will be automatically deleted.

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