How To Stop Vas Service On Idea

Vas services takes too much charges for their services. Some times we activate this types of services by mistakenly. For this mistake we have to pay charge ,i mean for this services we have to pay charges. Which would be 30/month to 150/month .

Before this post we already learnt that how we could stop vas services on airtel . I’m not saying this that we always activate vas services accidentally , some times we do manually. After the service activation they took its charge but if you don’t want that they will deduct its charge next month too then you must should deactivate that service before next month.

In this post i am gonna to tell you some easy methods which will help you to deactivate the vas services on idea.

How to stop vas service on idea

Here’s 2 methods –

Procedure to deactivate any VAS through SMS mode:

1. Type “STOP” and send it to 155223 from your mobile phone.
(A blank SMS may also be sent to 155223)

2. You will get a list of all VAS services activated on your mobile number.

3. Now reply back with the option of the VAS you want to deactivate,
selected from the list of VAS activated on your phone.

4. You will receive an SMS informing the receipt of your deactivation
request (with the name of VAS) that the service will be deactivated within
4 hours.

(In case of incorrect response sent by you, an SMS will be sent to you
informing the method once again)

5. After actual deactivation of VAS, you will receive an SMS to confirm that
the service (with the name of VAS) has been deactivated.

Procedure to deactivate VAS through IVRS mode:

In each State, the IVRS is available with an option of minimum 2 languages –
English and the dominant language of the state.

1. On dialing 155223, you will be offered over a recorded announcement,
the list of VAS activated on your mobile number.
e.g. “…welcome to XYZ Telecom Ltd….to Stop Caller Tunes Press 1, to
Stop Cricket Alert press 2…… to repeat press 0…” (in case Caller Tune
and Cricket Alert are active)

2. You can select the VAS to be deactivated, by pressing the appropriate key
for the VAS to be deactivated.
e.g. “to deactivate Cricket Alert, you shall press 2.”

3. You will receive an SMS informing that the request to deactivate the VAS
has been received; it will be deactivated within 4 hours.

4. After deactivation of the VAS, another SMS confirming the deactivation of
VAS will be sent to you.
In case of wrong key pressed or no key pressed for 10 seconds:

5. You will be informed that the key pressed is wrong and the list of
activated VAS will be repeated once again.

6. If you are not able to press correct key again, you will be transferred to a
call center agent.

Conclusion – only sms and calling options are available now . You can easily deactivate any vas service on idea by just following above mentioned methods. Both method are simple so i don’t think you need will face any problem during the process.

If you face any problem then comment down your problem ,i will try help you.

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