How to stop or deactivate any vas service in Airtel

How to stop or deactivate any vas service in airtel sim. Many times by mistaken we activate some service , which we don’t want to activate but by mistakenly we clicks something else by mistake and services will be activated.

So today we talk about solution about this problem. after we activate any service or service, what should we have to do.

If we call to customers care they don’t give us refund for this but they will deactivate this service if we want.

All the services take charge every month so if we don’t deactivate this service, next month we have to pay it’s charge or its charge may be automatically dedicated from your main balance.

We can deactivate this service without calling to customer care, but we have talk once to the customer care because some times they give us refunds for this charge.

So first talk to customer care by dialing 198 and choosing some options like choose your language, select problem you faced and they give you the option talk to customer care.

If they won’t give you it’s refund then you can tell them to deactivate this service on your mobile number or you can deactivate it by yourself read below steps carefully.

How to stop or deactivate any service on airtel sim

This is manually work so be carefully. Follow all steps below listed –

Step 1 – open the dialer pad and type *121# and then call.

Step 2 – the processing will automatically stop and after few second some options will flash on the screen.

Many times it changes so don’t watch number, look at the text. So here you have to find ‘Other services’ option on screenshot you can see this option was on number 7 then enter 7.

Step 3 – After selecting ‘other services’ you will see ‘activate and deactivate service’ option on my mobile it’s on number 2 so select number 2.

Step 4 – after selecting number 2 you will receive two option one would be ‘activate service’ and second option would be ‘deactivate service’ enter number 2.

If any service was activated on your number then they ask you to confirm to deactivate this service after confirmation, service will be deactivated.

These are some simple steps to deactivate or stop any unwanted service on your number.

I hop you can solve this problem easily if you have any question about this post ( how to stop or deactivate any vas service in airtel sim) then ask your question by commenting below. i will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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