How to rate an app on the play store

Giving rating to any app on play is good for others , who wants to use that app. they could understand your experience about that app that how do you feel about that app while using that app .

there are many apps available on play store which are fake and they could be harmful for others, so you can give your feedback about that app so others would know better about that app. it’s not necessary that every apps are fake , some apps are really very good and they works perfectly.

so using this feature ( Giving rating to any app) on play store , we share our experience . many times some apps harm us then we can alert other to don’t use that app or maybe some times they can compare good quality of any app . like – i am searching for a video player app and there are many apps available on play store and i am confused which app i should use then i can read the rating or feedback about that app.

there are many peoples share who shares their experience so you can understand it better that’s how much helpful this feature is .

In this feature , From 5 star you have to give rating according to your experience. you can write some words how you feel during using that app . you can tell whole thing what you experience about that app in short form .

How to rate any app on play store ( How to give your review to any app )

Somethings you must required , you need a gmail/Email/Google account and a google play service supported device and internet connection . follow below steps 👉

Step 1 – First Open google play store app on your android device and sign in with your google account. if you have already added then you don’t need to do it again .

Step 2- On the search bar , search that app name which do you want to rate and identify that original app and install that app (without installing that app you can’t give review )

step 3- Now after successfully installation you will see 5 star icons by doing some scroll down.
Now give star rating from 5 star . after that they will ask some questions like – “Do you feel this app helpful” “Does this app perform good ” you can answer them by choosing yes and no option .

Step 4- Now you have to write few words about that app how do you feel while using that app . you have a word limit so don’t write too much word . if you don’t want to write anything else then you could leave it blank. after that click on submit option , you review about that app will be published.

I hope you successfully understood what you have to do and i don’t think this will gonna to be hard to you . if you have any question about this topic or if you want any more tutorial on other topic then comment your topic we will provide you that tutorial as soon as possible.

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