How to know someone of your contact has uninstalled WhatsApp or not

Sometimes we are confused that someone of our contact has uninstalled WhatsApp from their mobile or ignoring our messages. You can also check that he/she has deleted his/her WhatsApp account or not.

When you’re trying to contact someone on WhatsApp and you’re not receiving any response from that side then you will be a little bit confused that why you are not receiving replies?

It’s not possible to know surely but you can guess it just by following some tips. By using these tips you will be able to know your contact has uninstalled WhatsApp from his/her mobile or has deleted WhatsApp account. So read the tips carefully.

How to know someone of your contact has uninstalled WhatsApp or not

Here I have mentioned some tips and tricks by using them you can 90% correctly guess that WhatsApp is uninstalled or account is deleted.

[1] you can check chat option on your friend’s number on WhatsApp and if you can send him/her messages then your friend’s WhatsApp account isn’t deleted or if you can’t see his/her number then once refresh your contacts on WhatsApp and check his/her name. If you won’t find his/her number then his/her WhatsApp account is deleted.

[2] If you can see his/her DP, Last seen, then his/her WhatsApp account isn’t deleted and if you see that his/her last seen is same from many days (like – 1month Ago) then must be he/she has uninstalled WhatsApp app from his/her mobile.

[ if he/she is using Internet every days then this is confirmed that his/her WhatsApp is uninstalled. If you don’t know that he/she is using internet or not then this isn’t confirm, maybe his/her recharge plan is expired.]

[3] Send message to that contact, if you will see double gray tick then he/she has WhatsApp and he/she is using WhatsApp.

[4] If you see that he/she is uploading WhatsApp status on daily basic then he/she is using WhatsApp. If you can see his/her WhatsApp status but you are not getting message delivered notification (double gray tick) and you can’t see last seen he/she must be using third party cracked WhatsApp like – WhatsApp GB.

[5] Check that he/she hasn’t blocked you on WhatsApp. There are many ways to check this you can check this article 👉 How to check someone has blocked us on WhatsApp or not?

Conclusion – these are some simple way to guess that someone has deleted his/ her WhatsApp account or uninstalled WhatsApp app. By following these steps you can guess the truth. I hope you understood.

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