How to install whatsapp on BlackBerry Z10

How to install whatsapp on blackberry Z10 and some of other Z series mobiles like Z30, Z3 and some of BlackBerry Q series like Q5 and Q 30 (After 31 December 2017) .
All you friends knows, that unfortunately after 31 December 2017 blackberry has publicly announced that some of blackberry devices like BlackBerry Z10 will no longer supports whatsapp and after 31 December 2017 whatsapp is not supporting on some devices .

do you want to install whatsapp on blackberry Z10 and some other unsupported mobiles then BlackBerry has requested to move on supported devices which supports android , but if you’re unable or don’t want to change device and want to still using whatsapp on blackberry then I have solution for this.

You can install whatsapp on your blackberry Z10 device and other unsupported device without changing you BlackBerry device.

You just have to follow some simple steps. Please read this full article and follow all these steps.

Many of my friends and other BlackBerry Z10 users have also asked me that how they can still use whatsapp on blackberry after 30 December 2017, their whatsapp say that whatsapp will no longer support this device.

my some friend says that they are now unable afford a new mobile. Many of peoples are using some of this mobile and they are facing this problem to.

many of peoples also search on google that ” How to install whatsapp on BlackBerry z 10″. For solution of this problem you have to install android version of WhatsApp . You can download it from play store. If you haven’t installed play store then you can use google or follow below tutorial.

How to install whatsapp on BlackBerry Z10 and other unsupported blackberry devices –

You know that whatsapp was removed from BlackBerry world. you couldn’t download whatsapp from there. You have to download it from android store like – Google Play store.

if you have not installed playstore on your devices, you can also download whatsapp from google. First open google and search download whatsapp and click on a option and install it. Otherwise you can download whatsapp from below link –

»»»»» Click Here To Download «««««

After downloading whatsapp you have to enable a setting. Go to the setting of you device and Applications manager and open it.

After opening you see the “Installing App “ option, open this setting and then enable the setting – allow apps from other sources to be installed. After enabling this setting you can install whatsapp apk.

After installing open it and verify your mobile number and complete other settings. Congratulation you have successfully installed whatsapp on your device .

But after installing whatsapp you can’t use many features like – you’r unable to send pictures, unable to send videos, unable to send files and gif, you are unable to upload photos and videos and status, you are unable to start camera.

You can only able to chat with your friends on personal and group text message only. You can forward picture.

But I have solution for this problem to. you can solve all this problem and you can use all features of whatsapp. For solution of this problem you have to follow below steps.

How to fix media and file sharing problem on whatsapp in BlackBerry z10 and Z30, Z3 , and Q5, Q30

Step First – Go to the BlackBerry world and in search bar search whatsapp fixer. After finding it download and install it.

Step 2nd – after installing whatsapp fixer open it. And follow steps –

  1. It say to swip screen to continue, follow this step
  2. after it say that for fix this problems you have to keep installed a SD Card on your device all time. So please if you don’t inserted sd card on your device, install a SD card and click the option – Device monitor, after opening device monitor you have to do close your whatsapp from here.
  3. after closing whatsapp from device monitor, restart your device and enjoy all the features of whatsapp.

Note – Please don’t uninstall Whatsapp fixer app and don’t remove SD card from your device.

After following these steps you can use whatsapp for all time. I hope you can easily install whatsapp on your BlackBerry Z10 and other unsupported device.

If after following all these steps, you are unable to use whatsapp then comment the problem you are facing. I will try to solve your problem.

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