How to fix pubg mobile lag problem in easy way

How to fix pubg mobile lag problem. pubg mobile is a world’s most popular android game and billions of people are playing this game .

for play this game you need a better performance mobile device otherwise you can’t play this game on your mobile .

You need a mobile which have 4 GB or more than 4 GB RAM . You can install this game on 2-3 GB Ram mobile to but you face too much problem during playing this game, because in low ram mobile it’s lag too much and you get killed from your enemy.

I have some solution for this lag problem but after following these tricks you can’t enjoy ultra hd graffics.

How to fix pubg mobile lag problem

Step 1st – clear the unwanted files and keep clean your mobile storage and delete the worst cache files .

Step 2nd – in this step you need to download an application from play store. the name of that app is GFX tool . You can download that app by clicking here – download GFX tool.

How to set up PubG Mobile GFX tool

[1] 1st you need to choose the game version. You can choose the 1st option 0.9.5 GP And after that you have to choose the resolution ,you can choose 1280×720 this best for for good performance if you want hd performance than you can increase the resolution .

[2] After that you have to choose the graffics . You can choose so smooth or smooth hd .
In the next step you have to choose the FPS . In my suggestion choose 30.

[3] You can choose any or skip the anti-aliasing option. In next you have to choose the style of your graffic look . If your mobile have low ram then choose classic otherwise you can choose colourful or more.

[4] In the shadows option you can keep it disabled or enabled ,its doesn’t matter too much . You must have to enable the CPU optimization . It will help you to play the game more smoothly and enable the save control option.

[5] I have attached a screenshot here with all setting done . You can see the settings and you can do you setting . After these all setting click on accept and then click on run game . Game will be automatic start.

    I hope you have successfully solved the pubg mobile lag problem and playing this game without any problem.

    Mostly people have a doubts that would after using this trick there pubg account be blocked .

    I say no because this is not a cheat or not advanced trick to win the game .its just only trick to fix lag problem .

    If you have any other doubt then you can comment your problem below.

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