Guest post

If you want to publish any of your articles in our site then you are welcome to our site. But you have to adhere to our guest posting rules.

Rule –
(1) You can not post that post is already posted on any other website.
(2) Your article should be 100% unique and not copied from another site.
(3) Your post should be fully compliant, no point should be missed so that visitors can’t have any Confusion. no matter how long the post is.
(4) Make sure you have attached suitable picture in essential places.
(5) Please do not write posts by keeping seo in mind.
(6) Whether we can edit in the post as required.
(7) The post must be at least 800 words.

For bloggers –
If you have a website then a link of your site and a link of your a post from your site (according to you) will be given.
Keep in mind that the link should be related to the topic of this post.
If you want to send us a guest posr , then definitely send some words about yourself.

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