1 Simple Way To Go Live On Facebook Using Facebook Lite App

Facebook Lite is the lite version app of facebook. People who have a low-performance mobile or mobile have low RAM then they can use facebook’s FB lite app. It’s a very low sized app and very fast. The size of facebook lite is lower than 5 MB it’s the reason why most people use facebook lite.

Most of the features of the Facebook official app is available now on FB lite app. Now Facebook has given live stream option on FB lite too. Now you can go live, in any event, using the Facebook lite app. Before live stream, the option is only available on Facebook pages but after some time this feature is added on personal and groups.

Now you can go live using your profile and your friends can watch and comment on your live stream. In this post, we will learn how to do a live stream using Facebook lite app.

How to go live on Facebook using Facebook lite app

Table of Contents

1. First, open Facebook lite app on your android mobile. If you haven’t log in then the first Login on facebook lite app using your account details.

2. There are three options to go live on Facebook – (i) on your profile, (ii) on any Facebook group, (iii) on your facebook page. Now open any of these where you want to do a live stream. But in FB lite, live stream option is available in on profile.

3. Now you will see the “Live Video” option, click on that option.

4. There it will ask for mic permission that people can hear you. Allow this permission after that it will show some detail click on ok.

5. Now you’re ready to go live. you can setup privacy that can see you’re live stream. If you want to give a short description about your stream then click on description and type here. After finishing click on go live and you are live now.


I hope you understood all the steps and you can do a live stream on Facebook using Facebook lite app.

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