How to delete chat history on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the top most popular social media app for communicating with friends and family members. It’s free so millions of people are trusting on this app and using it. The reason behind millions of users is privacy.

People use WhatsApp for chatting, sharing photos and videos and many other things. This app free and very fast and any third party can’t access your private chats without your permission. That’s why most people trust on this. For any privacy reason, you want to delete sent or received message then you can do it easily.

There will be many reasons behind deleting messages. If you don’t want that someone will read your messages then you could delete your particular message or whole chat. it’s your personal reason why are you going to delete chat history on WhatsApp. Without wasting too much let’s come to the topic.

How to delete chat history on WhatsApp

There is not a single method, for this work multiple methods are available according to your motive. So let’s know every method.

Method 1 – Delete only particular messages.

If you want to delete only that message which is sensitive not all, then you can do it easily.

1. Open WhatsApp and open that particular chat from you want to delete messages.

2. Now press that message, you want to delete for 3 seconds. For deleting multiple messages click on that too. You don’t need to press them for 3 seconds.

3. Now click on the delete icon on the top side. After that, your messages will be deleted.

Method 2 – delete all messages.

For a particular chat, if you want to delete all messages that no one will know that you sent him/her message then this will be a good method.

1. First, open WhatsApp and select that chat for a few seconds. After that delete icon will be flash in the top. Click on that you all messages will be deleted from that particular chat.

Method 3 – Delete all chat history of your WhatsApp.

1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile and click on three dots on the top right corner. And click on setting option.

2. Now click on chats option.

3. Now click on Chat history.

4. Click on delete all chats or clear all chats.

Note – after this process your all chats will be deleted but you will be still a member of groups, which you have joined.

Method 4 – Delete all chat history on WhatsApp.

1. First, go to setting of your mobile and click apps setting.

2. Now in-app setting search for WhatsApp and click on that.

3. Now, Click the Clear data option. Your whole chat will be deleted.

Note – after doing this process, your WhatsApp will be reset. Means you need to login in again. Your groups won’t be deleted.

Conclusion – I hope you like this tutorial ( How to delete chat history on WhatsApp ). This tutorial won’t work on permanently deleting WhatsApp messages. Any third party app or software can restore messages but without your permission, no one can access your old chats.

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