Do you like video call? Comparison Between Whatsapp And Google Duo app is important to know which is the best video calling app. Nowadays people don’t like voice call too much, they like video call because in video call you can see the expression of face and you could know the mood of your front person.

Video call gives a realistic feel. You feel like you’re seated together and talking. You can share your any favorite movement live to your friend or family person. So video call is a very nice feature.

For video call mostly people use two popular apps first one is WhatsApp and the second one is google duo. Sometimes people get confused that which video call app we should use so in this post I am going to compare this app.

After looking out this comparison you don’t need to ask somebody which app is best and which app should use?

I’m not saying that any app is worst both apps are cool and I’m still using both apps. Both apps have some pros and cons that will help you to choose a perfect app which is more helpful for you.

Comparison Between Whatsapp And Google Duo

1. Quality – you know that video quality how much effects on a video call. If video quality is bad then your video call will be worst. It doesn’t give you a realistic feeling, things seem a blur. Bad video quality spoils every fun. if you’re looking for a good quality video call then google duo will win the competition.

Whatsapp have good quality too but you need good internet connectivity. If your internet connection is slow then you can’t enjoy video call. Slow internet connection will spoil your video call. Here you will get good video quality in google duo app.

If wants good quality then you should try google duo. If you have a good internet connection then you can go with WhatsApp too.

2. Other features – if you’re looking for some others feature than video call then WhatsApp will be good because WhatsApp has many more beautiful features like – text messaging, photo and file sharing, voice call, video, and status sharing.

Google duo has only calling feature so if you’re looking any app only for video calling feature then google duo is best otherwise you can go with WhatsApp.

3. Audience – if we talk about audience then here WhatsApp will again win the competition. Most people are using Whatsapp rather than google duo so you can easily do a video call to some WhatsApp user but most people don’t have google duo so you can’t call every people.

4. features – if you want more good features on video calling only related to video calling then google duo is race champion. Google duo is only made for video call feature so google team always try to improve video call rather then WhatsApp is a messenger app so they have to take care about multiple topics so here google duo is best.

5. Technology – if we talk about technology both are super. Both platforms are secure and fast. Due to multiple purpose WhatsApp is low technical strong than google duo. Google duo always focus on the improvement of video call so here again google duo is best but WhatsApp is best to.

Conclusion – if you want a good video call quality only and don’t want other features like text messaging, photo, video, status sharing then google duo is best for you. It will give you a good video call quality.

If you want that other feature like text messaging, photo sharing, etc and you have a good internet connection then you can choose WhatsApp. If you want it only for a single purpose then google duo is best and for multiple purposes, WhatsApp is best.

The number of WhatsApp user so you can easily video call someone but only some people are using google duo so you can only call them who have google duo app. In mine suggestion for google, the duo is best and mostly video call lovers like google duo too.


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