Growth Hack : Best Time To Upload TikTok Videos

Do you want to grow your TikTok page? Uploading a bunch of videos are not going to grow your page, you need to follow some growth hack tactics. Of course, the video is the key to growth but everyone is not lucky that his/her video will be Viral in one night and you will be popular in one night.

This is possible but chances for this is very low because of not only you even thousands of peoples are making quality videos daily and they are waiting for the same thing that you are.

Tiktok stars already have millions of followers so their every follower are waiting for their video and if they won’t upload video in the perfect time, they will get millions of view. They don’t need to worry about perfect time but if they will upload the video in perfect time then their every new video can trend.

You can use this tactic to grow your tiktok page. This is not only a fact but also many people are using this method to get more engagement. So to grow your tiktok page you should know which is the best time to upload tiktok videos?

Best Time To Upload TikTok Videos

First, you need to know when most of the people are free because to grow your page your video needs to reach more peoples. Generally, most of the people are employee or do their own business and they all busy in the day on their work. So if you upload video your video won’t get enough reach to grow your tiktok page.

Then, What is the best time to upload tiktok videos?

To know the perfect time you should know when most of the employed people are free. Of course, that is on the night but what is the best time in the night to upload a video? Is that 11 – 12 PM? No, most of the people who are workers sleep early because they have to wake up early in the morning to get ready to go for their job or office.

Then what is the best time? That is 7PM – 11PM in night.

Most of the people will say why only this is the best time to upload tiktok videos? Why the day/afternoon time isn’t perfect? Why we should wait for office people? Why we can’t target free/jobless people?

The answer to all these questions is more or best reach. When as more as people are free and using the internet that is the best time. If you target free people and upload videos in a day or in the afternoon then you will lose a huge number of people and chances to grow channel is less possible.

One thing you need to keep in your mind that is free peoples are always free, whenever you will upload a video you will get the same response from them so you don’t have to worry about them. Capture perfect time when free and busy both are free and the internet users ratio is higher.

You should know how a video virals. When a video gets higher engagement in a lower period then that video reach/suggested to more people in this type of chain the video reach to more and more people.

You can experiment with your own. To test this use Facebook. You have to upload the same photo in Day and night and in the night whenever you upload a photo same time under 1 minute tell your friends to like that photo. They must like your photo try to get 15-20 like in under 1 minute.

After this see the result. You will get more engagement in night’s photo. This is how to grow hack trick works. Many Facebook and Youtube experts are using this tactic to grow their channel or page. You should try this.

Not in a single day but in 2-3 weeks you will see the growth result. Use this best time to upload tiktok video and you will definitely get a good result.

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