How To Sell Gift On WhatsApp 2020

WhatsApp is so popular social media network all across the world and has millions of users. People use WhatsApp for many reasons like keep connected with friends and family, business purpose, and many other reasons.


Do you know In the world many people are earning money using WhatsApp and growing their business by using WhatsApp? Whatsapp is an easy method to promote your business and you can grow your business using WhatsApp. 

If you are a businessman then you should know the right way to promote your business. There are many ways to learn the best way to promote your business but the best way to find out the right way of promotion of the product is the experience. Experience teaches that thing which no one could teach in your whole life.

Here I will give you some tips to Promote your gift business and how you can get sales on WhatsApp.

Why you should WhatsApp?

You should choose Whatsapp to promote your gift business because of these reasons -

1. A huge number of audiences.
2. A free platform.
3. Easy to use.
4. It provides you many features than others.
5. Quick response.
6. Anyone can easily contact you.

These are some reasons that you should use WhatsApp to promote your Gift business. There are many peoples out there who are earning thousands of dollars using WhatsApp. These are some reasons why you should use WhatsApp. Let's move on to the main topic of this post.

How to grow Gift business using WhatsApp.

Approx every smartphone user uses WhatsApp and you can use this opportunity to promote your business. Try these tips to grow your business-

[1] Create a business WhatsApp account.
[2] Promote your business using Facebook/Instagram.
[3] Make your loyal audience.
[4] Right way to promote products on WhatsApp 
[5] Give quality products.
[7] Create WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists.

[1] Create a business WhatsApp account.

Create a WhatsApp business account separate from your personal account because this number will be spread across the audience. You should have a website is not telling thing so you should have you're a website from where people can easily order or pay. Having a website is more secure to get payment on WhatsApp people can scam you.

Put your WhatsApp business contact information on your website where everyone can see it.

[2]  Promote your business using Facebook/Instagram.

Everyone knows that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp both. These are two best platforms where you will get a good audience free and paid as you want. One major thing you should know why we choose this? Because of Facebook uses WhatsApp user data to run ads because of this advertiser get targeted audience. Also, both have a good number of audiences to promote something. You will get many guides regarding how to promote something using Facebook and Instagram just Google it or search on youtube.

This will bring a targeted audience to your gift sell website and many people who need will also contact you through WhatsApp. This trick will help you to get the audience for long I mean not a for just one purchase if they like your product they will surely visit you again purchase too. Using this method you will get some WhatsApp customers to you can use their contact information to make your permanent customer.

[3] Make your loyal audience.

As I told you on the above step that after promoting on Facebook and WhatsApp you will get some audience. Now it depends on you manage this audience just let them go or keep it in the long run. If the minimum 1℅ audience came from social media will contact you through the WhatsApp you can use them to make your permanent audience it is called marketing. Here many people do mistakes they just do spam to these customers and they run away and they will never return. This audience is interested in buying a gift that's why they contacted you. Here spamming means not care, people, as they deserve. Telling them to buy this, that product and sending them links of products is spamming.

you just need to ask them "what is their demand? What do they want?". If you can fulfill their demand here not only get a sell also, you will get the opportunity to make him/her one of that long-run audience.

[4] Right way to promote products on WhatsApp

Don't do that mistake what others did. Many people failed in WhatsApp marketing because they choose wrong to promote. a marketer thinks that they are doing good but if you see from the customer's perspective it's spam. Many marketers send them new products link, ask them to purchase some products, they just think about them not about the customers. Here they don't think once that what is the interest of the customer and what they want. You need to ignore this method because here you will lose some customers. To grow on this field losing even 1% of the audience is the warning notification. Do you know why people move one product to others? That is because of the two reasons the first one is the opponent's products and services are good then you and the second one is your products and services are not good. I know some people are experimental they want to experience things and chose the right way.

To promote your product on the right way you should first know the interest of your customer than make a list on top 5/top 10/top 20 best or New products. Here make sure to ignore adding a low-quality product and don't make the long list than 20 products (Long list confuse customers).

Now, this is the time to share the list with your customer. You can make a blog post and share post links like " Top 5 most attractive looking apple watch". Create a beautiful thumbnail for your that list post that should be attractive that people can't stop themself to open it. You can also, create an infographics type of list. Using this way you will get good sales.

Note - ignore to send them product list daily. Send them twice or three times a week.

[5] Give quality products.

As you know quality is the king. If you provide low-quality products your business is not gonna run more than 6 months to 1 year. If your thinking to run on a long race provide your customer with a good quality product. Never ignore their reviews and complaints. Follow their complaints and fix that and also keep improving your products if you stay in one place your competitor will overtake you in this race. So always focus on quality and keep improving your products.

[7] Create WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists.

Sending your customers something manually one by one will take you a lot of time and there is also a danger of WhatsApp account banning. So create the WhatsApp group and broadcast list to send a new update to your customers in a single click. If your audience is large, then you can create multiple groups and broadcasts. If there is any VIP customer then don't add them in normal group or broadcast. You can create separate VIP groups and broadcasts or you can keep connected with them personally.

Conclusion - here I gave you some tips regarding how to grow your gift business using WhatsApp. Here I included Facebook and Instagram too because this is the marketing and connected with multiple things and for the long run, you should know about them. I hope you can grow your business using these tips. Best of luck.

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